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Do you often fantasize about that dream kitchen filled with only the best tools?The kitchen where you will prepare the most delicious dishes?Filled with the most beautiful damascus steel kitchen knives,with top-quality,Before you know it you no longer have to dream, but simply open your eyes to enjoy all the great things your perfect kitchen has to offer.

Reliable Cutting Properties

  • Chopping Vegetable

    It might not surprise you that you use a peeling knife to, yes, peel! You can also do so with other knives but a peeling knife and its straight edge work a little better. Sometimes this knife is also called a ‘vegetable knife’.

  • Slicing Meat

    A carving knife is long and narrow to make sure you can easily cut beautiful pieces of roast or other pieces of meat in one go. Perfect when prepared but also when you still have to prepare it.

  • Slicing Bagels And Buns

    It is perfect for cutting all sorts of bread.From hard to soft crusts,from soft buns to bagels:The serrated edge will easily glide through it.With this knife you will smoothly slice any type of bread.

  • Chopping Herbs

    The knife was originally designed as a versatile knife,You use this chef's knife to prepare most dishes.You use it when cutting vegetables,but also when,for instance,chopping herbs,crushing pepper corns or peeling a clove of garlic.

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  • The Iris

    Discover the perfect balance of form and function with our “The Iris” chef knife set. Carefully curated to include the must-have knives for any kitchen, this set is ideal for both beginners and experienced cooks.

  • The Orchid

    Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen with our stylish chef knife set. Combining sleek design with exceptional functionality, this set is a statement of both style and substance.

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